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Photography is being inspired by the moment, capturing it & never having to let it go


To love is to live. That’s my motto. And there is nothing I love more than photography! I NEVER go anywhere without a camera of some kind, because capturing those moments that make you go ahhhhhh & oooohhh, that you get to keep forever, makes me smile from the inside out! 

That’s me above, with the camera attached to my hand! For as long as I can remember I have always had a camera of some kind. When I got my first Kodak Brownie as a kid I thought it was the coolest gift in the world! You had to mount these little flash cubes on top of the camera each time you used it. I can’t count the number of camera’s I have had since then, but it’s a lot!

My love of photography actually started with photographs. My nan has a mountain of old photos she keep’s in old shoe boxes, and when ever I visit I always sit on the floor going through these old black & whites marvelling at the people in them. I think about their stories, their lives and their passions, and in just a little way they each get to become a part of my story.

I am not brand biased as I firmly believe that it is not the camera that takes the photo, it is the person behind it. I love to find and capture the essence of a scene, whether it be that of a portrait or a landscape. I just love photography (I can’t say that enough!!) & I’d love to share that with you by capturing your memories and giving you a little piece of love you can treasure forever.