Let’s do it! So what now?

Getting started is easy! You can contact via the contact page or call me. When you have confirmed a booking date, and when ever possible, I love to meet my clients face to face for a good old chat well before the photo shoot. Since moving to Melbourne 3 years ago I have discovered that I am a lover of coffee and I am happy to chat over a good cup anywhere that suits you! That way we get to know each other and I can get a feeling for what you are after, along with any special requests you may have! This is also the perfect opportunity for me to meet any little ones that may be a part of the shoot, in my experience kids are a lot more relaxed with someone they have met before, so I won’t be the lady who turns up sticking a camera in their little bewildered faces!

What to wear

Depending on occasion, I can send you ideas on what to dress in. Generally, stick to solid, complimentary colours, so no loud prints. It’s always a good idea to put some thought into outfits, remember, these pictures will be on your walls for years to come, and no teenager wants to be reminded of the Justin Bieber t-shirt they absolutely loved when they were eight!

What to expect

For newborn shoots I work out of my home studio so that I have everything on hand and set up ready to go. For all other shoots when possible I love to shoot in the comfort of your home, I quietly slip into the background and I’m there waiting to capture those special candid moments as they happen. Your home is the place where you are all comfortable and it add’s to the intimacy and individuality of your photos. When children are a part of the shoot I try to make it as relaxed and fun as I can. I find as the kids realise Im there to have fun, they will naturally relax and start to show their true personalities soon enough. I also love to shoot outdoors as sunshine and natural light are on my list of favourite things. So if shooting in your home isn’t exactly what you are after, take me on an outing to your favourite outdoor spots! Shooting in the afternoon light closer to sunset is the perfect time of day for taking beautiful shots. Although, the early morning sun can be just as spectacular, so the choice is yours! Your session will take around 2 hours. And then the excitement of waiting for your photos begins!

When do you get your package?

2-3 weeks after your shoot you will have access to a private online gallery to see your photos. I edit each picture individually to make sure they are perfect. Once you have decided on your package you will be sent the high resolution images you have selected on a usb in a beautiful keepsake box full of goodies! keepsake